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Exclusive Radio Premiere Of "To The Gallows"

We're excited to announce that we have partnered with ERB Radio in The UK to bring "To The Gallows" to you two days early in an exclusive radio premiere! Tune in tonight, November 18th at 4PM (EST)/9PM (GMT) and again later at November 18th at 7:30PM (EST)/November 19th at 12:30AM (GMT) for an in depth interview and early access to "To The Gallows" during our ERB Radio Takeover!

Hear us chat with host Simon Clitheroe about the making of "To The Gallows", studios, and the pandemic, and here our songs, including an exclusive first play of "To The Gallows", along with the music from some of our biggest influences!

Tune in live here, or, if you missed the episode, catch it here!


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