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Our 2019 Recap

2019 was a year full of musical growth and new experiences. As we continued to celebrate the release of 2018's I've Got Something To Say... EP, we had the opportunity to perform in a number of new cities as well as giving us the chance to connect and reconnect with all parts of the rich musical community Toronto and Ontario have to offer. On top of releasing a music video for "Itchin' Back" - our second music video ever - we embarked on the I've Got Something To Say... Summer Tour which culminated with our sold out, Indie Week debut opening for none other than The Wild! We want to take this moment to thank each and every one of you who make 2019 an incredible year and we promise, 2020 will be even bigger!

Special thanks must go out to the amazing teams at Indie Week, Mississauga Music, 94.9 The Rock, Los Cabos Drumsticks, WB Gear, FACTOR Canada, Dropout Entertainment, The Spill Magazine, Canadian Beats, The Hippie Historian, Leclair Studios as well as Emberly Arp and the amazing UK based NWOCR and Emerging New Rock Bands communities! Thank you all for your ongoing and tremendous support.

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