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Watch The Music Video For "Itchin' Back" Now!

We're excited to announce that the music video for "Itchin' Back" is officially released! As our second music video, both ever and off our debut EP, I've Got Something To Say... - "Itchin' Back" follows the release of "Bills To Pay" and "Itchin' Back" sees One In The Chamber reunite with director Diego del Río, who also shot the video; was produced by del Río, Kathleen Fobert, and One In The Chamber; and was edited by Fobert.

As a staple to the band's live show, “Itchin’ Back” - the closing track off the EP - seamlessly blends their classic rock, ‘90s, and modern alternative rock influences. ​ The video explores the often internal conflict between chasing one’s passion while balancing regular, conforming responsibilities. It’s a juxtaposing collision that hits all aspiring musicians, but just like Bon Scott said, “It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock & roll”. There is a dangerous sense of liberation in being an artist; it's a risk not all are willing to take.

Watch the music video and stream/download the single digitally now!

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