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One Month of Bills To Pay!

Today marks the one month anniversary of the official release of our latest single, "Bills To Pay", off our upcoming EP. The last month has been an absolutely crazy time and the reactions to our work have left us not only humble but beyond excited for what is to come.

The music video for "Bills To Pay" has clocked in 1.2k views on YouTube and an astounding 8.8k views on Facebook while the track has just surpassed 1000 streams on Spotify! Since it's release, "Bills To Pay" has been heard across the world and has been featured in numerous media outlets across North America and as far south as Argentina and into Europe with publications in the UK, Greece, and Croatia! The song has been compared to work from some of our biggest influences, including Aerosmith, Motörhead, The Black Keys, Pantera, and even the mighty Led Zeppelin.

We would like to take this moment to thank everyone for their continued support with each step forward. We are thrilled with all we have accomplished and promise that we are just getting started.

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