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Earlier this year, we released our first two records. The Boston Session: Bootleg Demos- was a collection of five songs that we recorded in January of 2016 with Scott LaFlamme (guitarist of Dreamkiller, formerly of Bang Tango) at LMI Studios in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts. The high quality demo EP has been praised by Nicole Marie at Canadian Beats as feeling “incredibly plush with gritty riffs, screaming vocals and a beat you can bang your head to”, with “Crooked Step” being spotlighted as “a song with enough swagger it would cause Mick Jagger to take notice”. The second of which, Live From The Rockpile, captured a live set from Toronto’s Rockpile in December of that year.

Both albums were released physically at a release party at Toronto’s Opera House on March 10th, 2017 and were later available digitally at Bandcamp. Now –to to top off the year- The Boston Session: Bootleg Demos and Live From The Rockpile are on Spotify and all other digital markets! Be sure to follow us on Spotify to be up to date on all the big things to come in 2018!

The Boston Session: Bootleg Demos and Live From The Rockpile can be streamed or downloaded at the following:

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