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Guinness World Record for Longest Concert Ever

As many of you have heard, The Earl Of Whitchurch hosted the Guinness World Record Attempt for the Longest Concert Ever by Epidemic Music Group. What was originally set out to be a 16 day event grew into an 18 day long extravaganza. To qualify for a world record, the rules were very strict with no more than 30 seconds between songs, 5 minutes in between artists, and 10 audience members must be in attendance at all times. We would like to send a massive congratulations to the amazing team at Epidemic Music Group and the countless and tireless volunteers who made sure everything ran smoother than Barney Stinson on a Friday night, the venue for hosting such a party, and the over 400 artists involved.

While this is all unofficial until Guinness World Records approves of the attempt, the previous record for the longest concert was held by a bar in Las Vegas for a show that ran for just under 16 days. Not only was that broken with Epidemic Music Group’s 18 day concert, the record for the longest online stream of a concert was also broken! 2 world records for the price of 1! Furthermore and what is certainly official is the $84,458 raised for 17 different charities over the course of the 18 days. This was more than just a record breaking event; this was a demonstration of community and Canadian pride, a call to arms for artists from all necks of the woods to come together for nothing more than their love of music, and maybe a touch of fabled glory.

We are beyond happy that we got to take part of this amazing cause. If you missed our set from March 23rd, check out the City News clip to catch a peek of our set. That’s right! Our ugly mugs made it to TV!

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