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The Single Sweep compares "Blow" to Velvet Revolver & Avenged Sevenfold

March 31st, 2020

Listen to the latest episode of The Single Sweep Podcast, reviewing "Blow"!

Anthony Leclair compares OITC to Guns N' Roses, Audioslave, Aerosmith, Velvet Revolver, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Chris Cornell, Avenged Sevenfold, and Stone Temple Pilots

July 14th, 2019

On the third episode of his new podcast, Anthony Leclair breaks down "Bills To Pay", "Itchin' Back", and "Crooked Step" while offering high praise and comparing the band to the likes of legends!

The HUB Show Airs "Bills To Pay" On Maryland TV & Interviews Gerrod and Christian

July 7th, 2019

Listen to the latest Episode of The Hub Show podcast where they interview Gerrod and Christian, and watch their most recent TV segment where they debut "Bills To Pay" on American TV!

The Hippie Historian Compares OITC to The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alice In Chains, & The Who

July 4th, 2019

Read Gabrielle Bossy's feature on the band and interview with Gerrod here!

Swept Media Compares "Itchin' Back" To Warrant & Alice In Chains

April 17th, 2019

Read yet another colorful review from Anthony Leclair at Swept Media!

More Love From The UK: Down The Front Features "The Ballad Of Captain Jack"

April 5th, 2019

Listen to "The Ballad Of Captain Jack", as featured on the 110th episode of The Down The Front Podcast!

Pure Grain Audio Features "Bitchin'" Single, "Itchin' Back"

April 2nd, 2019

Hit up Pure Grain Audio for a free download of "Itchin' Back" and read an exclusive quote from the band

The Spill Magazine Premieres "Itchin' Back" Music Video

March 22nd, 2019

Watch the music video for "Itchin' Back", as premiered by The Spill Magazine

Down The Front Podcast Interviews Mike & Gerrod

October 19th, 2018

Listen to Chris Stones' interview with Mike and Gerrod - along with "Crooked Step" - on episode 94 of the UK based Down The Front Podcast!

Jessica Young Calls "I've Got Something To Say..." A "Thrilling Ride"

September 26th, 2018

Read yet another fantastic article from Jessica Young at Lemonwire about I've Got Something To Say...!

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