OITC @ The Smiling Buddha
"Think of a cocktail combination of Led Zeppelin and Mötley Crüe"

- Matt Owczarz; Modern Mississauga -

"Think The Doors meets Guns N' Roses with monstrous riffs"

- Ralph Beauchamp; My Amp Music-

"Edgier and quite unpredictable... A thrilling ride... One In The Chamber has something to say, and, after this, we're listening"

- Jessica Young;  Lemonwire -

"They are raw rock & roll"

- Aaron Badgley; The Spill Magazine -

"The songs feel incredibly plush with gritty riffs, screaming vocals and a beat you can bang your head to with enough swagger it would cause Mick Jagger to take notice!"

- Nicole Marie; Canadian Beats -

"One In The Chamber captures a very classic 1970's authentic rock & roll feel."

- Neel Modi; Song Talk Radio -

"A landmark five-track release from one of Toronto's most impressive new bands, One In The Chamber have made their mark on modern music with the release of 'I've Got Something To Say...''"

- Broken 8 Records -

"Imagine if Motley Crue and Alice In Chains hooked up and had a metal baby that wasn’t as much of an asshole and wasn’t strung out on heroin. That is what you get here with One In The Chamber"

- Anthony Leclair; Swept Up Podcast -

"It was a pleasure working with the boys from One In The Chamber. Very talented young musicians with an extremely original style of music  between The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Guns N' Roses. They have a great future ahead of them, I was proud to produce them."

- Scott LaFlamme; Owner of LMI Studios, Massachusetts, and Guitarist of Dreamkiller/Bang Tango -