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OITC @ The Smiling Buddha
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"Think of a cocktail combination of Led Zeppelin and Mötley Crüe"

- Matt Owczarz; Modern Mississauga -

"Think The Doors meets Guns N' Roses with monstrous riffs"

- Ralph Beauchamp; My Amp Music-

"Edgier and quite unpredictable... A thrilling ride... One In The Chamber has something to say, and, after this, we're listening"

- Jessica Young;  Lemonwire -

"They are raw rock & roll"

- Aaron Badgley; The Spill Magazine -

"The songs feel incredibly plush with gritty riffs, screaming vocals and a beat you can bang your head to with enough swagger it would cause Mick Jagger to take notice!"

- Nicole Marie; Canadian Beats -

"One In The Chamber captures a very classic 1970's authentic rock & roll feel."

- Neel Modi; Song Talk Radio -

"A landmark five-track release from one of Toronto's most impressive new bands, One In The Chamber have made their mark on modern music with the release of 'I've Got Something To Say...''"

- Broken 8 Records -

"Imagine if Motley Crue and Alice In Chains hooked up and had a metal baby that wasn’t as much of an asshole and wasn’t strung out on heroin. That is what you get here with One In The Chamber"

- Anthony Leclair; Swept Up Podcast -

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